Always I’ve though it’s a good idea to archive in ISO files all my boot CD’s and DVD’s. Firstly, because I want to forget problems with damaged CD’s and secondly because I can bring easily lots of CD’s in a USB pendrive.

It’s easy to get an ISO file from a CD o DVD disk using known CD burning  software but It’s more difficult if you want to get an image ISO file from a boot USB (US to ISO).

In that case we could use Folder2ISO, an open source software made by TrustFm for Windows operating systems witch doesn’t need be installed. With this tool we can get an image ISO file from a boot USB pendrive or HDD just to archive it or use in a multi-selection ISO’s boot system.

Just open the tool, select unit root, the name of the ISO file and finally generate file clicking “Generate ISO”.



This is the method I use to save some customized installation pendrives in a ISO files. I hope you’ve found this post useful.